Screw Up

Zshakira Ryan Toby Screw Up
Artists: Ryan Toby, Zshakira
Labels: 341 Music Group, Red Vision Music
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genres: Afrobeats, Future RnB, Urban RnB
People: Copyright © 2017, 341 Music Group & Red Vision Music. Production: Veit Engelker. Lyrics: Zshakira Toby, Ryan Toby. Project Director: Timo Herzberg.
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1. Screw Up - Zshakira & Ryan Toby
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About New Album
New Dancefloor Smasher Screw Up screws up the genre game again. A catchy hybrid mix of Afrobeats and Future R&B with strong sexy vocals of L.A. singer Zshakira and RnB Legend Ryan Toby gives this single pure energy and rhythm. The new hit production of Germany´s producer squad 341 Music Group in collaboration with RedVision.

Der neue Dancefloor Banger Screw Up mischt das Genre-Game neu auf. Der Hybridmix aus Afrobeats und Future R&B mit den starken Vocals von L.A. Sängerin Zshakira und RnB Legend Ryan Toby geben dieser Single 100% Energie und Dancefloor-Rhythmus. Die Hitproduktion von 341 Music Group in Zusammenarbeit mit RedVision.

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